RAL CLASSIC colour 4-digit references have been an accepted format for colour definition for more than 70 years. The basic collection consists of more than 200 colours and is available in both matt and gloss. Both collections contain colour samples that are used by institutions to cover a wide range of applications and are constantly adapted to the requirements of the industry. Contained in the collection are safety and signalling colours that conform to the colour requirements of DIN regulations.



RAL DESIGN has been developed for professional colour designers. It contains 1688 colours arranged in systematic order. All these colours have a 7-digit reference number and are defined as individual colours. The colour reference numbers indicate HUE, LIGHTNESS and CHROMA. With this system the creation of harmonious colour combinations becomes very easy.



RAL EFFECT comprises 420 solid colours and 70 metallic colours. It is the first collection from RAL to be based on waterborne paint systems. No use is
made of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and chromates.RAL EFFECT allows eco-efficient colour production for all paint and lacquer producers and users thanks to its simple, modern formulation. RAL EFFECT complies with
various European EN and ISO standards.



RAL DIGITAL imports all RAL colours into computer software; thus working with RAL on the computer is extremely easy. As the use of cad software is in widespread use among designers and architects, it was a logical progression for RAL to create this additional service.


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