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RAL Colour Feeling 10/11

Colour Feeling 10/11 is a colour trend tool for the design professional. This annual book brought to you by RAL identifies 32 key colours influencing future architecture and design. The book introduces 4 inspirational themes, each divided into decorative and architectural directions. Colour Feeling 10/11 represents the complete working tool for the creative industry. Actual RAL colours form the colour fan, swatched pages and tear out chips. Print is used to show colour combinations and full seasonal colour flow. To complete this package an interactive CD giving you formulas for each RAL colour used in the book. RAL Colour Feeling 10/11 allows colour to really work for you.



RAL Colour Feeling 10/11


C/F 2010/2011


Colour Feeling Trend Set

Colour Feeling Trend Set consist of Colour Feeling 08/09, Colour Feeling 09/10 and the new Colour Feeling 10/11



Colour Feeling Trend Set


Colour Feeling Set


RAL Colour Feeling 2012+



RAL Colour Feeling 2012+


C/F 2012+


RAL D2 Design Fandeck Set

Description:                                                         Fan Size 5.0 x 29.cm
Colour illustration 5.0 x 2.5 cm
New clear classification system
Semi matt
1,625 colours



RAL D4 Atlas

Colour atlas containing all 1625 RAL DESIGN colours in semi matt finish. Atlas size 31.5 x 28 cm, colour sample 1.7 x 1.7 cm with 26 new pastel colours.



Design A4 Colour Sheet


Individual colour sheet
A4 size (10.5 x 14.8cm)
All 26 new pastel colours
Also available in a complete box set


Colour Code


Design A6 Colour Sheet

RAL Design A6 Individual Colour Sheets


Colour Code


RAL Monthly Special - Save 15%

Limited Season Special - Save 15% when you buy a K7, E2 and D2 Colour Swatch.



RAL The Colour Dictionary

This publication offers a unique and exciting overview into the fascinating world of colour.

Complete with 42 expressive collages based around selected concepts that help to clarify the effects of colour when they are used in practice.

Written by the world renowned Professor Axel Venn and Janina Venn-Rosky

The Colour Dictionary



RAL D8 Box of 8 Fan Decks

  • 1625 Colours
  • 230 Colours Per Fan Deck
  • Semi Matt

1 - 10

Colour Code


Colour Master (Book & Fan)

Encoded in 490 RAL EFFECT colour

Attached stencils for colour combinations

Bilingual: German/ English

Book and RAL EFFECT E3 fan deck



Colours of Hotels

The planning manual for designers in the hotel sector

Coded in the RAL DESIGN system

Practical relevant design examples

Bilingual: German and English

416 pages